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Shower System for Bathroom

Your Reliable Bath Shower System Manufacturer in China, manufactured from Shower Systems Including Shower Room, Bathtub Mixer, Shower Faucets, Shower Heads, Panels.

Our group of shower systems offers dynamic functioning and visually stunning designs to enhance every aspect of your washing experience. We offer shower systems using diverters that have the ability to disperse water at up to three different outlets. With a three-way diverter, the shower system is able to divert water through a showerhead, a hand showerhead and a tub faucet. Our basic shower systems feature only the most essential pieces needed to effectively run your shower, including both a showerhead and a one-way diverter to control the temperature of the water coming out of the showerhead. These one-way diverters don’t contain all the features of a three-way shower system, but they are often less expensive and take less effort to install.

When deciding which shower system is right for you, there are many different aspects to consider. Shower sets come in a variety of different style wall and floor mounts, showerhead shapes and styles, and also the inclusion or exclusion of a hand showers and tub faucets. After you decide exactly what functions you want your shower set to have, the next step is deciding what style you want for your shower set. Here at the bath outlet, we offer vintage, modern and contemporary style shower set designs. The entirety of our shower sets is offered in a brilliant chrome finish.

Whatever type shower system you have in mind, we’re confident you’ll find one that suits your specific preference. The reliable European brands we currently have in stock are ready to ship and offer the utmost durability and dependability.

Find the best shower system

Wall mount waterfall tub faucet elegant bathtub mixer with hand shower.

When choosing the perfect shower set for your bathroom, there are many things to consider. First, you will need to decide the size and functionality of the shower head. If you are looking for a luxury hotel waterfall shower system feel, rain shower heads might be exactly what you are looking for. Another option is a multi-function shower head which include multiple spray pattern features. Next, you will need to choose the control type: thermostatic or pressure balance valve.

Thermostatic shower systems allow you to pre-set your preferred temperature for additional convenience. Next, you will need to choose how many different water outlets you want. For the ultimate shower experience, you night want to consider a shower systems with body sprays or jets. Another option are hand held shower systems. Usually these complete shower systems include two water outlets, one from the rain head and other from the hand shower. Another popular two water outlet shower option is a dual shower head system. Lastly, you will need to the finish and style of your shower system.

Popular finishes include black shower systems, chrome shower systems, oil rubbed bronze shower systems, gold shower systems, brass shower systems, and brushed nickel shower systems.

Find the best shower system - Shower System for Bathroom - Roy Sanitary

Shower System Guide – finding the right shower system

If you’re looking to shower in pure comfort then a shower system is the right choice. They consist of two showers: a hand shower and an overhead shower. Most shower systems also include fittings.

One type of shower system features shower panels which you can find in our store. We’ll give you some tips on what to consider during your purchase.

Here is an overview of the main key points:

  • with or without fittings
  • thermostat, single lever mixer or a two-handle mixer
  • round or rectangular shower head
  • concealed or exposed fittings
  • which hand shower
  • various spray modes
  • suitable for instantaneous water heaters
  • suitable for baths

Buying a shower system – what to consider

We have already touched upon how shower systems feature an overhead shower and a hand shower. The overhead shower is fixed.

In some cases, the overhead shower can be turned horizontally and occasionally the height can also be adjusted. An example of this is the Roysanitary Lift shower panel. The height of the shower head can be adjusted to the user’s height.

The size of the shower head is also important for an enjoyable shower experience. The bigger the better. Some of these include rain showers where the entire body is covered in fine jets of water.

You can also choose whether your new shower system has a round or rectangular shower head. The shape of the overhead shower is simply a matter of taste.

With or without fittings?

If you already have good shower fittings such as a thermostat, then shower systems without fittings are the right choice for you. For existing fittings , filter “Components” above, then simply choose the desired version without a thermostatic mixer or shower fitting.

For a replacement or complete refurbishment you should opt for a system with fittings. That way, you can be sure that everything is perfectly coordinated. The majority of shower systems have fittings.

When it comes to shower system fittings, you can choose from a single lever mixer, two-handle mixer or a thermostatic fitting. Thermostats are pretty much the standard nowadays. They offer several advantages. Water never comes out of the mains too hot or too cold since good thermostatic fittings always deliver water at the desired temperature. If you have small children in the home, this can prevent them from scalding themselves.

Shower systems with a single lever mixer are also relatively popular. We have become accustomed to this technology: we often find them on washbasins or at the kitchen sink. This makes it easy to set the right temperature. Those who prefer things more retro can regulate their shower with a two-handle mixer, although this can make it harder to set the right water temperature. Style is key.

Concealed or exposed fittings?

With exposed shower systems , all of the components are visible – from the shower rail to the fittings. These are perfect for speedy wall mounting.

This is not the case with concealed shower systems. Only the handle, hand shower and overhead shower can be seen with these.

Which system is best? One size does not fit all here.

Concealed shower systems look more elegant. They are more difficult to install, however, since all of the technology is hidden away in the wall. That’s not something which can be done immediately. Larger renovations are required to achieve this. Tiling included.

If you already have an exposed system then exchanging them is relatively easy. You simply replace the old shower rail with a new one.

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