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Shower Panel

Your reliable shower panel manufacturer in China, Roysanitary offers high quality shower panels with elegant silver stainless steel panel, durable stainless steel frame construction, stunning stylish European inspired design.

Roysanitary is focus on bathroom sanitary ware.

OUR MISSION The mission of Roy sanitary ware is to make bathing a kind of enjoyment. Our shower panel realizes brand positioning and meaning from the aspects of functional attributes, visual elements and spiritual transmission, and is dedicated to providing consumers with better sanitary products.

Roysanitary shower panel is constructed with the 304 stainless steel and with an attractive brushed nickel finish to match, this shower panel is designed to provide only the most opulent of showers with its fully simultaneous functions and variable controls. Immerse yourself in a truly relaxing shower experience and enjoy the modern style of this beautifully designed shower panel.

The shower panels, as known as shower units or shower columns, include stainless steel shower panel, aluminum alloy shower panel, tempered glass shower panel and PVC shower panel. The function, style and size of each shower screen can be easily customized or modified. The shower unit is easy to install and occupies a small space. Most importantly, the price is very low. Here you can find the shower panels with lowest price from China.

We are shower panel manufacturers and factory from China. Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions.

Ningbo ROY Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd

Shower Panel Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success! Ready to bring the spa into your home? Roysanitary offers shower panel systems that can make shower time your favorite part of the day.
shower panel - Shower Panel for Bathroom - Roy Sanitary

Shower panels are a single unified system that consists of various functions to experience a luxurious shower experience. They divide the shower space and the rest of the bathroom and provide a modern finish to any space. Installing Shower panels for your wall shower can completely transform your bathroom into a beautiful space while providing the necessary functionalities of a shower.

Roysanitary shower panels are some of the best shower panels in India as they come in different styles, designs and colours to accentuate your bathroom onto another level. Redefine your bathroom area with sleek and stylish shower panels by Roysanitary.

Roysanitary’s shower panels also come with thermostatic mixers that let you control the temperature of the water at your convenience. Whatever season, you can enjoy the water flow exactly the way you like it, and naturally, improve your bathing experience.


01. For all sizes

Be it exposed shower panels or hidden, you have a variety of ranges to choose from for your bathroom. You can customize your shower panel to the size and design you want.

02. Economical

Compared to other shower systems, shower panels are easier to maintain and install. Since they are a single unit, the cost of installation and upgrades are inexpensive.

03. Water-efficient

Since bathroom shower panels come with a single shower head. they can help you save water and also save up on your water bill.

04. Easy installation

Shower wall panels for bathrooms are quick to set up and install. You can connect them with your existing plumbing and can be attached to your shower wall.


1. Roysanitary Shower panels consist of a thermostatic diverter which ensures anti-scalding while taking a shower.

2. Roysanitary Shower panels have 3 adjustable vertical jets for massaging the neck, waist and thighs.

3. Roysanitary shower panels are made of steel or a PMMA body finish. Our bathroom wall panels come with a high-quality body finish that ensures they are durable, shatterproof and rigid. Bathroom shower panels are a perfect combination of elegancy and efficiency.

4. The shower panels are pre-fitted with overhead & hand showers and are easy to install. To know more about our bathroom wall panels visit the Roysanitary website. Our minimalist shower enclosure design works best with shower panels to give a relaxing shower space for your bathroom.


There are shower wall panels for bathrooms that come in all shapes and sizes. Buying the perfect exposed shower panel for your bathroom comes with looking at the functionality and design that matches your aesthetic. Some important things to consider before purchasing a shower panel are:

01. Installation

Each bathroom wall panel has their components and process of setting up. Most Roysanitary shower panels come with instructions and also customer support that you can contact while setting up your shower panel. Getting a shower panel that has all the components can save all extra expenses.

02. Materials

The material is really important as it affects how long the shower panels stay in your bathroom. If you don’t want rust to gather in your bathroom wall panel you can use Stainless steel or Aluminum materials. For an aesthetic look, you can try chrome finish shower panels that give a brighter colour and minimalist look.

03. Water pressure

After deciding on the material and installation the next step is to check the functionality. Water pressure is really important in terms of looking at the comfort and efficiency of shower panels. Having a shower panel that has features that work and do not affect the pressure is the perfect option. Look at how you can change the water pressure before buying a shower panel for the bathroom.

You can also install shower panels for your outdoor bathrooms. Shower panels are adaptable to both indoor and outdoor environments. You can also look at other ideas to rejuvenate your bathroom and make it a healing space.


Shower panels can define your bathroom, and make your shower area look sleek and stylish. It also acts as a division between the shower area and the rest of the washroom. Roysanitary offers the best shower panels in China to let your bathroom look stylish and remain efficient at the same time. The bathroom wall panels from Roysanitary have thermostatic mixers to let you control the temperature of the water. So, whatever season or whether it is, you can enjoy the water flow, however, you like it. If you want to learn more about different types of showers and shower panels, check out our comprehensive guide.

The exposed shower panels offered by Roysanitary are also easy to install and require less effort to set it up and get it started. These bathroom shower panels also enhance your shower experience and offer various flexibility options that make it easier for you to shower with ease. These exposed shower panels come in different colours and designs, making them look as stylish as possible. The shower panels are also perfect for small bathrooms, and you can pick from the size you want. If you are looking for the best shower panels, head to Roysanitary’s website or shop at any of their stores today!

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