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Overhead Shower

Another very popular luxury showering option is the stainless steel bathroom overhead shower. This type of shower head is mounted on the ceiling or wall, giving you a ceiling or wall mounted shower. Your bathroom’s ceiling height will often determine what overhead option is suitable.

What are the advantages of using a rain shower head?

In this style of shower, the spray pattern falls downward like rain or a waterfall. With a Roysanitary stainless steel overhead shower, you can enjoy a relaxing showering experience.

Stainless steel bathroom overhead showers are ideal for those seeking an elegant, minimalist design and a fully immersive experience.

Choosing the right overhead shower – a guide

Showers with overheads offer a completely different experience. Rain showers are usually extra large and proper. The Reuter online store has this type of overhead shower if you’re looking for it.

Our showers are exclusively from top brand manufacturers at fair prices, which are often well below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You can find the right overhead shower with the help of this guide.

Our brands will be introduced first before we begin offering advice. When it comes to fittings, roysanitary is always at the forefront.

Assemblies of various types

Overhead showers can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted with a shower arm or built into the ceiling. The water supply must be installed into the wall in all three cases. Retrofitting walls and ceilings requires a lot of effort, as well as opening the wall or ceiling.

In the event that this sounds too much work, you can install a shower system or a shower panel instead. Directly mounted on the wall, these showers feature an overhead shower. However, you still get the benefit of a rain shower despite the rail or panel being visible.

How high should it be mounted?

Due to the non-adjustable height of overhead showers, you’ll need to figure out the mounting height in advance. If all shower users are of the same height, this is relatively easy. Sharing a bathroom with taller and shorter people is more challenging. You should adjust the height of the tallest user so they don’t have to bend over.

A distance of 20 to 30 centimeters is recommended between the head and shower. You may not get the full rain effect if this distance is too small. Water cools too quickly before it reaches the body at too large a distance, increasing energy consumption. The temperature of the water must be raised in order to achieve this.

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