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Imitation Granite Faucet

Why is Faux Granite so popular?

If you think granite is the only option out there for kitchen countertops, think again. In this article, we will show you how faux granite is made and how it can be applied to a kitchen.

In faux granite, manufactured materials resemble natural granite in appearance and feel. As an alternative to natural marble or granite, this factory-made composite is made from crushed stone, quartz crystals, polyester, dyes, acrylics, and pulverized marble bound with resin.

The advantages of stone sinks over stainless steel sinks

With their beautiful colors and textures (you can choose exactly the color of your countertop) and sleek design, stone sinks look nobler than steel and will harmoniously fit into any kitchen. Especially if it is a modern classic, country or Provence style.

As opposed to stainless steel sinks, such sinks are completely silent. You won’t be annoyed by the sound of water or cutlery clanging on steel.

Sinks made of stamped steel are deeper.On the metal surface, every drop is visible, while on the stone surface, streaks and splashes are virtually invisible.Feels good to the touch.

Here are five more advantages

Granite and quartz sinks made in Europe can withstand temperatures up to 280 degrees, while Russian sinks can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees. A baking sheet just removed from the oven is at about 230 degrees.

Under normal living conditions, granite sinks are very hard to break or scratch.Artificial stone has no pores, so dirt and odors cannot be absorbed into it.

Quartz and granite made from artificial materials will not fade over time.Composite materials are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.

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