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Hand Shower

Stainless Steel Hand Shower

Hand showers, also called handheld shower heads, offer the flexibility of a manoeuvrable spray. If you have children or pets, or need to move the spray to wash your hair or clean the bath or shower, a handheld shower head and hose is ideal.

There are a variety of spray functions available with our comprehensive range of luxury shower handsets. Handheld shower heads complement your main shower head well. A rain shower head with a handheld rain shower attachment, usually available on a shower slide bar, would provide a consistent and luxurious washing experience.

Browse our range of stainless steel handheld shower heads, from roysanitary exclusives to our brand’s best-sellers.

Bathroom users’ needs

It might be a good idea to invest in a stainless steel hand shower if you want a flexible shower that accommodates everyone who needs to use the bathroom. You can easily remove them from their base if you don’t want your hair to get wet, or if you want to give the kids a quick rinse. You can also use them to clean your shower, removing the tiles quickly and easily.

Our selection of finishes will let you create a truly cohesive shower zone that matches the rest of your bathroom, from chrome and matte black to brushed copper and gold. Turn your shower into the perfect start and end to your day by enhancing it.

Consider a shower set that includes tapware and shower head, available in a range of styles from traditional cross profiles to sleek levers, to nail your shower’s look.

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