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Shower System

Shower System

When it comes to showering in pure comfort, a shower system is the right choice. There are two showers: a hand shower and an overhead shower. Fittings are also included in most shower systems.

The shower panels you can find in our store are one type of shower system. You’ll find some tips on what to consider during your purchase here.

The following are the main points

Fitted or unfitted
A thermostat, a single lever mixer, or a two-handle mixer
Shower heads in a round or rectangular shape
Fittings that are concealed or exposed
Choosing a hand shower
Modes of spraying
Instantaneous water heaters are compatible with this product
Buying a shower system – what to consider
We have already touched upon how shower systems feature an overhead shower and a hand shower. The overhead shower is fixed.

Sometimes the overhead shower can be turned horizontally and the height can also be adjusted. Hansgrohe Raindance Lift shower panels are an example of this. Shower heads can be adjusted to fit the user’s height.

It is also important to consider the size of the shower head when taking a shower. Bigger is better. There are some of these, such as rain showers that cover the entire body with fine jets of water.

You can also choose whether your new shower system has a round or rectangular shower head. The shape of the overhead shower is simply a matter of taste.

With or without fittings?

Shower systems without fittings are a good choice if you already have good shower fittings, such as a thermostat. Filter “Components” for existing fittings

The majority of shower systems come with fittings, so if you are replacing or renovating, you can be sure that everything is perfectly coordinated.

Thermostats are pretty much the standard nowadays when it comes to shower system fittings. They offer several advantages. You can choose between single lever mixers, two-handle mixers, or thermostatic fixtures. Since good thermostatic fittings always deliver water at the desired temperature, there is no chance of your children scalding themselves if you have small children at home.

Shower systems with a single lever mixer are also relatively popular. We have become accustomed to this technology: we often find them on washbasins or at the kitchen sink. This makes it easy to set the right temperature. Those who prefer things more retro can regulate their shower with a two-handle mixer, although this can make it harder to set the right water temperature. Style is key.

Concealed or exposed fittings?

The shower rail and fittings are all visible with exposed shower systems. The wall mounts are perfect for quick installation.

Concealed shower systems do not have this problem. With these, only the handle, hand shower, and overhead shower are visible.

What is the best system? In this case, one size does not fit all.

It looks more elegant to have a concealed shower system. Since the technology is hidden inside the wall, they are more difficult to install. There is no immediate way to do that. In order to achieve this, larger renovations are required. The tiling is included.

It is relatively easy to exchange exposed systems if you already have one. It is as simple as replacing the old shower rail with a new one.

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