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Origins of Product Design for Faucets and Showers

 - Origins of Product Design for Faucets and Showers

Showers are essential to maintaining personal hygiene. Taking a shower is the first thing we do before the start of the day or the last thing before a restful night. The frequency of showers will vary from individual to individual and depend on several factors.

Today, you can find faucets and showers in various designs and colors. To understand the advancement and modernization of showers, it’s essential to go back to the origins of product design for faucets and showers.

Legend has it that our ancestors lived in caves and huts built from natural resources centuries ago, and the most reliable water source was waterfalls. Let’s go down memory lane from the waterfalls to the invention of the first shower by William Feltham in 1767.

The First Shower

The invention of the first shower began with our forefathers, who lived in caves and tiny huts built with grasses and other natural products. They had the waterfalls as their only water source and used them for cooking and cleaning.

They would stand under the waterfalls to take a shower until they became clean. People from ancient times would sometimes travel for miles to find waterfalls that could effectively clean them.

The Ancient Egyptians

With the advancement of technology came the invention of ceramic jugs that the Egyptians invented. With this invention, they could replicate the waterfall effect and use this method to get clean. The use of ceramic jugs is the first known man-made method of showering.

One significant advancement the ceramic jugs had over the waterfall was the luxurious effect of taking a shower. However, this way of showering was available only to the elite Egyptians. They would instruct their slaves to bring the showering jugs to their designated shower rooms.

The Ancient Greeks

The Greeks took the showering system a notch further by devising a way through which the water could be transported in and out of the rooms using a piping system. By improving the existing showering system and developing a piping system, the Greeks made showers available to everyone. They built large communal areas where everyone could take a shower together.

Roman Times

Although the Romans did not build the first sewer system, they got the credit as pioneers in both plumbing and public health. They designed sewage systems for the disposal of wastewater. Also, as a result of their invention, by 315 AD, there were 144 public toilets in ancient Rome.

According to history, the Romans had a high stand of hygiene which facilitated the construction of large bathhouses in Rome and across Europe. Unfortunately, after the collapse of the Roman and Greek empires, there was no advancement in the technology of showers for a few hundred years.

Modern Shower

In 1767, William Feetham, a stove maker from Ludgate Hill in London, got a patent for a shower. This grant led to the development of modern-day showers, which featured a hand pump. One outstanding advantage of the modern shower over the existing ones was that with the hand pump, people could use less water to get clean.

The Invention of the Designer Shower

An anonymous entrepreneur invented the English Regency Shower. The design featured a metal frame that was painted to replicate a bamboo. It was the first hot water shower powered by a hand pump that pushed water through a tank.

Over time, the electric shower was developed with the English Regency Shower as the first.

In the 19th Century, after the invention of indoor plumbing, many people used free-standing showers connected to a running water source.

Histtory of shower - Origins of Product Design for Faucets and Showers

The Upside of the First Electric Shower

In the 1960s, the invention of the tankless water heater was a game changer. It came with modern showers that were electric and available to more people in the UK. Consumers enjoyed readily available and instant hot water without relying on a water tank.

Advancements in Modern Showers

Today, the modern shower has taken new dimensions. Shower manufacturers now offer various shower heads, enclosures, and lighting. These showers are available at different prices to suit several budgets and needs.

With the invention of digital showers and as the design of showers continues to evolve, we expect to see unique pieces of showers suitable for different lifestyles.

Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure

There are different shower enclosures, making it easy to find one that suits your needs and budget. However, while choosing your shower, you need to consider a few things;


The first mistake you should avoid is going for a shower set that is too big or small for your space. It will help if you measure your space before shopping for a new shower. This way, you will know immediately if your pick is the right one or not.

The sliding shower, Bi-folds, or quadrant shower closure is excellent for a small space. They don’t require too much space but still provide the right amount of functionality.


Your shower enclosure should be suitable for your lifestyle. It is crucial to make a smart choice taking into consideration your needs. You can make your day more enjoyable with the right shower set, as this is something you will use frequently.


This is one factor you must consider when looking for a shower set. However, setting a realistic budget and getting a shower made of good-quality materials is vital. If you go for a low-quality shower to save cost, you may buy a new set after only a short period.

Finally, identify your needs while factoring in the space you have. A shower provides a refreshing feeling that helps you start your day well or sends you off to bed in a relaxing way. At Leelongs, you can find the best shower sets and accessories made from durable materials.

We have a great sales representative team willing to answer your questions and help you make the right choice in choosing the best shower. Contact us today for your bulk purchase by filling out the contact form.

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